The Big Question: What Causes Cellulite

If you want to know what causes cellulite, then you should know that it is caused by fat deposits under the skin. It is a condition that looks like cottage cheese, found on the legs, buttocks and thighs of most women; the condition also gets pronounced with age.

Although many women tend to carry a lot of fat in the same region, cellulite can affect even those who are not so fat. This is the substance that forms immediately under the skin and is caused by fats pushing against the connective tissues of the skin. When fats are deposited under the skin even in small amounts, they can push hard against the skin tissue and this causes the dimpling that is evident in someone with cellulite.

Similar to how wrinkles form on the face, the advent of cellulite is hard to avoid as you grow older. This is because your skin has less collagen and elastin as you age. Although this is the case, research says that the hormonal imbalance expereinced by women is the main reason why it is prevalent in women and rarely in men. One wonders why it appears in these regions, given that the same fats are also stored all over the body.

There are different levels of cellulite buildup and sometimes you can only see it when you pinch the skin. If the pinched skin looks lumpy, then you definitely have a case of cellulite and you should deal with it before it becomes more prominent. Cellulite in small amounts may be hard to avoid for women, unless they are actively involved in sports or other such activities. Cellulite formation can be influenced by several factors such as gender, age, genetics, and also the amount of fat that is found in the skin. Now you know what causes cellulite and you are in a better position to understand it, simply try out the remedies that are available.

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