Do You Know What Is Cellulite?

You may have wondered what is cellulite; what its actual composition is. Cellulite is formed under the skin, and it is what causes it to have a lumpy feel and appearance; the regions most susceptible to this condition are the arms, legs, and buttocks. This is not a condition that is easily found in men, but a large proportion of women all over the world suffer from it. The condition may not be found in men due to the hormonal stability that they have, as opposed to the fluctuating cycles that women go through every month.

Cellulite is formed when fats are deposited under the skin, which has a poor elastin content. The skin is not able to stretch against the pressure exerted by the fat, and these lumps form. Although there is the mention of fats, the condition can be experienced by even thin women. It is a well-known fact that women store a lot more fatty tissues in the skin than men, and this is why even slight women may find themselves afflicted with this condition. Simply give your skin a pinch in the thigh area and if you have a lumpy appearance and feel, then you have it.

When women grow older, they are easily affected by this condition because their skin condition deteriorates and this pronounces the effect of the fats pushing against the skin. It is possible to remedy the situation through a number of treatments but you will probably suffer from it at one point in your life. You do not have to panic; the remedies are vast and varied, and you only need to know what works well on you and you will be fine. Now that you know what is cellulite, you can effectively face the situation and find a way to make sure that you keep it at bay.

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